Music has always been a very important part of my life.  Ever since I was little my mom and I would sing in the car while driving, everything from the Commodores to the Eagles.  At a young age the lyrics were not just words to me I listened to them and wanted to understand what the artist was feeling when they wrote the song.  What were they saying to us, why and what feelings were they trying to convey.

Music with a Message

I guess this feeling of connecting with the music is why I am picky about the music I listen to.  While I love music in the pop and rap genres the artists have started using shock methods to sell records.  While I might love the music, I cant take the lyrics.  I did as a teen and I am sure my neighbors hated me.  I was that kid that had a full time job, bought the 10" Rockford Fosgate Subwoofers for my hatchback, and powered them in series with two 100 watt amps and that was just the bass.  I found it funny to go to a sonic and sit outside, turn on Too Short and vibrate the cups out of the holders inside the restaurant. Today I continue to listen to music with a message, however, I am doing my best to live a life showing Christ love from day to day and to help me in that struggle, I choose to listen to Christian Rock, or Pop.  Listening to this music helps me focus on my day to day attitude and keep a positive outlook.  I knwo there have to be others out there that have this connection to music, I cant be the minority here.  I don't understand how you can listen to Blurred Lines, or other songs like this and still have respect for women.

The Music I Love

When I got introduced to Christian music I was married to my lovely wife and we were going to a church with amazing singers and a band.  Clint Coats was one of the musicians and a close friend of mine.  He listened to Christian music all the time and introduced me to Third Day, Stephen Curtis Chapman and Phillips Craig and Dean, all amazing artists.

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